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Welcome to Sun Rae Divas

Conversations that leave you feeling energized. For and by women who understand that life happens. Imagine how powerful we could all be if we put forth genuine effort to collaborate and learn from one another.


Life gets busy - we get it. It's important to have a tribe of women who can relate to you our offer a unique perspective that helps push you in the right direction.


A social world can be a lonely world without the right channels to openly communicate to a group of people that understand your struggles.


Build a tribe of women that can help you reach your goals. Are you looking for a volunteer project? A fellow wino? or a professional opinion? The possibilities are Endless.

Expand Your Business Network

Opportunities to advertise your business and connect to job opportunities coming soon.


You need the right support behind you and your dream!


Local meetups coming soon


Workshops coming soon


Several challenges and giveaways scheduled for the year 2020! Stay tuned for more updates!



You need the right support behind you and your dream!

Taking Your Tribe Beyond Social Media

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Social Media Networking 101

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