Our Squad

Women that are Squad GoalsĀ 

Angela Mooney, President

A business guru who loves building community. She holds over 12 years in the tech startup industry and needed a breath of fresh air. Angela went from serving big clients in their earliest days like Uber, Zappos, HeroX and many others to work with giants like NASA, Coca-Cola, and Boeing. She realized how powerful she was when it came to building community and sought out to connect women everywhere from diverse backgrounds. What she found was there are so many queens in the world ready to be heard.

Kait Moua, Co-Founder

She’s a wonderful momma and has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. Through her work, she connected with a multitude of wonderful women but wanted to contribute more to how women felt and what they thought of themselves. Kait Moua is a force to be reckoned with and will leave any woman feeling empowered after one phone call, meeting or one of her famously powerful hugs. She is incredibly talented in many ways and is possibly one of the most humble women you will ever encounter.

Founding Team Members

Brooke W.

Community ManagerĀ 

Ashley D.

Community Manager

Cynthia A.

Community Manager

Dani B.

Diva AdvocateĀ 





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